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Comfort Dress

Recommended for people with:
Diabetes Recommended for people with Arthritis Arthritis Recommended for people with Swollen Feet Swollen Feet Recommended for people with Obesity Obesity

Type: High (crew sock)
Colors: White Black Beige Marine Grey
Description: Best suited for dress shoes
Suggested Retail Price:
Style Code
White - 1212
Black - 1211
Beige - 1217
Marine - 1213
Grey - 1216
Fiber Content
66% Giza Egyptian Cotton
33% Nylon with Silver Ions
1% Spandex
Laundering Instructions
Machine wash warm 40°C. Wash inside out. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.
Laundering Instructions Laundering Instructions Laundering Instructions Laundering Instructions Laundering Instructions

From Imagination to Reality

Do you want to feel terrific and take care of your health? With PROTECT iT socks, this is now easier than ever.

PROTECT iT socks have been developed during years of research in collaboration with podiatrists, surgeons, certified diabetes educators (CDEs) and other medical professionals. These socks help prevent the complications of at-risk feet unlike any other sock available.

Imagine a sock that is soft and comfortable, which hugs your foot, perfectly adapting itself to your foot’s anatomy and movements. Imagine a sock which doesn’t bunch up or wrinkle and which stays dry all day long.

Imagine a seamless sock with ideally padded layers to protect the sensitive and sore-prone areas of your foot while eliminating rubbing and chaffing. Imagine a sock that fights bacteria and fungi, helping to prevent infection and odors.

Welcome to the era of PROTECT iT socks, where imagination has become reality!

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